WolfSong Studio

the artistic endeavors of Jessica Sita


This is the home for the artistic endeavors of Jessica Sita. 

 Jess is a full-time writer in Oklahoma. She also works as a contributing writer and writing group manager at a blog called Tipsy Lit. She lives with her husband and two canine children.  She holds an MA in English.  Jess is also an artist, an avid reader and collects too many things. She is a mental health and animal rescue advocate.

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Visit her Instagram specifically for her doll collection under dollyollyoxenfree.


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She has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help her get her poetry book, Outcry, self published. She is partnering with Pubslush and Tipsy Lit. Please check out the link and donate what you can. Every $1 counts and helps and is even rewarded, AND you are entered into a contest thrown by Tipsy Lit to win a signed copy of Outcry and a Skype chat with the author. For more information, subscribe to TIpsy Lit, and Watchful Creature and check out the link below.